The Great Start Boat Rescue

By Graeme & Dawn Missen on Apr 10, 2018


Phil Hughes
Peter Hales
Reggi Donnan
Andi Crawford
Toni & Nuno Carneiro
Floyd Irvine
Steve Flower
Dean Cowan
Dave (Dogsy) Grundy
Chad Willy
Matt & Shay Hawke
Apologies for any participants not named.

Overnight Sat/Sun 25th March an unanticipated swell resulted in the Club Start Boat departing its mooring, ending up broad side to the swells and high & dry on the beach. Early attendees found a cockpit full of sand, weed and sea water. Attempts to bail out the sea water were fruitless as the sea kept refilling it with each wave.

The situation was hopeless and the only sensible advice was: Contact our insurance company.

While everyone stood around Dave Dogsy Grundy reversed his ute onto the beach and a line was attached to one of the boats stern bollards. As each swell hit the boat Dogsy took up the slack and managed to bring the stern around, away from the sea, a few inches at a time. Once the boat was levelled Floyd Irvine leapt aboard and demonstrated that the best bilge pump was a panic stricken sailor with a bucket. Despite several refills he managed to substantially lower the water level.

Meanwhile half a dozen bold bodies attempted to push the bow towards the sea. Anyone could tell that this was futile as the 3 plus tonne boat, probably nearer 5 tonne with the sand and sea water, was firmly on the beach and would not move. Fortunately, no one told the “pushers” and almost 25 struggling minutes later the bow was facing the sea. More pushing and advice coming from at least a dozen sources and miraculously the boat was floating. A very nervous few minutes saw the intrepid “pushers” take the boat beyond the swells despite the waves doing their best to put it back where it belonged. The onlookers on the beach were then entertained watching the “pushers” become the “swimmers” as they coaxed the craft onto a mooring ably encouraged by a very warm and dry Phil Hughes who had decided to push the boat from the inside.

The cry from the beach was “how the hell did we manage that”

In addition Steve Flower’s and James Myburgh’s tenders were rescued. A feat in itself as a tender full of water tends to be on the weighty side. In the case of Steve’s tender there was very little sea water as the boat was totally full of sand and no room was left for the water.

At this stage the extent of damage to the boat is not yet determined and some future help in restoration and repair may well be appreciated.

Although the whole episode was a total hoot, some serious risks were taken and the guts and determination of the helpers cannot be too highly praised.

Thank you all.